How Much Is a James Franco Worth?


Because we consider ourselves an authority on all things James Franco, we feel the need to pass along the exciting news that he has booked his first solo gallery show! It will include the videos from his Dangerous Book Four Boys exhibition at the Clocktower Gallery earlier this year, as well as paintings and photographs. And everything is for sale! The not-so-exciting news: It’s at the very far away from where we live Peres Projects gallery in Berlin. “Generally speaking, the notion of celebrity in Germany is not what it is in New York or Los Angeles,” explains art dealer Javier Peres. “Here, James will be judged based on the merits of work.”

He also had this interesting story about how the pair met: “He was hanging around in my gallery. Of course, I hadn’t watched TV for ten years, so I hadn’t seen him in Freaks and Geeks, and I wasn’t a movie buff. I figured he was just some young artist, and I got to know him in that way. He would talk about art, and I would think, ‘Wow, you really know your shit.’ Over the years we have talked, kept in touch.”

Click through to check out a few pieces from Franco’s previous show.

Plastic House, 2008

Richard Pryor, 2008, and GI Joes, 1990

Rocket, 2010