Schmedlines Shwinner: Congratulations, Punonymous


Pardon our puns, but we’ve named a winner from last week’s headline-rewriting contest over on Schmedlines. Below are some of our faves from the week and one super-duper final winner: Top schmeditor (who, we must admit, got extra points for a kick-ass user name) Punonymous!

Original Story: Pre-Wikileaks Assange’s Online Dating Profile Schmedlines: Creepyleaks,, Interested in Dating/Friendship/Classified Info

Original Story: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Split Schmedlines: High School Thrusical, Exit Staged Left, High School Musical 4: Separate But Sequel

Original Story: Nic Cage Goes Ballistic in Romania Schmedlines: Ridicolas Cage, See My Plugs: Respect Them As You’d Respect Me, Ragin’ Cagen, Ghost ‘Roider

Original Story: Zuckerberg Named Person of the Year Schmedlines: Times Pokes Zuckerberg, What the Zuck?, Subscribers to Time: What’s a Facebook?

Original Story: Winona: Mel Gibson Called Me an “Oven Dodger” Schmedlines: Thief Calls Out Bigot, Ryder Won’t Let Bygots Be Bygones, Mad Mel: Beyond Blunder Dome

Original Story: Study: Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed of All Schmedlines: Fairly Imbalanced, That’s Foxed Up, Crazies Like (A) Fox

Congrats, Punonymous. Get in touch and we’ll arrange awesome prize delivery!