Scientists Say Salty Food Might Make You Happier [No Doy]


[Via Ric e Ette’s Flickr]

If this article in the Telegraph is right, and “salt puts people in a better mood and creates cravings comparable to drug addiction,” then that would explain why we feel compelled to jump in San Francisco-area salt ponds picture above. (So pretty, right? The aerial image was taken using a balloon!) Or why every time we go out for chips ‘n margaritas the table ends up covered in salt. Or why “Salty Dog” was our favorite track on Cat Power’s The Covers Record. We’re just happy addicts.

And don’t you even think of telling us to cut back, because that could be dangerous: “The study by scientists at the University of Iowa found that going without salt could even make people depressed.” None of us wants that, right? You’ll have to pry the cool, lovely shaker from our dead hands.