The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Exciting news for Beatles fans: Even though it’s not a building or monument, the Abbey Road street crossing has been listed at Grade II status for its “cultural and historical importance,” so you’ll be able to pose and take silly pictures of yourselves there forever. [via Spinner]

2. Last night Antoine Dodson adapted the “Bed Intruder Song” into “Chimney Intruder” for a segment on Lopez Tonight. Watch the rather painful clip here.

3. “Obviously the story is bizarre, that’s why I made a film about it, but I’m still shocked by the level of skepticism. I guess I have to accept that people think I’m full of sh*t. But I’m not clever enough to have invented Mr. Brainwash, even the most casual on-line research confirms that.” – Banksy insists that Exit Through the Gift Shop is 100 percent true

4. After its success with reality series Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, MTV will air an abortion special called No Easy Decision on December 28th at 11:30pm; the hour-long program will follow Markai, a former 16 and Pregnant subject who is pregnant for a second time and trying to decide what to do. [via EW]

5. Just reading Amy Winehouse’s rider for her upcoming Brazilian tour shows will may cause blackouts; her requirements include six bottles of French Grand Cru Classe Pomerol wine, a selection of Mexican beers, some Russian vodka, and some champagne. [via The Mirror]

Bonus link: What Famous People Actually Get Paid For Plastering Their Names On Clothing Lines