10 Iconic Buildings Recreated in Gingerbread


We built our share of gingerbread houses as kids — shaky, crooked structures, crumbling under the weight of too much candy and often made with graham crackers rather than the real stuff. These days, we leave it to the professionals to awe us with their masterful creations. After the jump, we’ve collected incredible gingerbread renditions of ten of the world’s most iconic buildings, from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater to the Chrysler Building to the Sydney Opera House.

Fallingwater [If It’s Hip It’s Here via Neatorama]

Empire State Building [via]

Chrysler Building [via]

Taj Mahal [via]

Eiffel Tower [via]

Leaning Tower of Pisa [via]

Space Needle [via]

Sydney Opera House [via]

Coliseum [via]

Big Ben [via]