TV Do Over: Last Night’s Episode of The Office Where Holly and Michael Break Up


Last night’s episode of THE OFFICE featured plenty of so-cute-we-want-to-vomit moments between Pam and Jim, a fun scene where we got to see everyone at Dunder Mifflin dressed up for Halloween (Phyllis lurching around as Raggedy Anne = tragically hilarious), a drawn-out Cornell-fueled battle between Dwight and Andy, and, unfortunately, Michael and Holly’s really sad break up.

We think AMY RYAN is the best thing to happen to this show since Jim ditched Karen (sorry RASHIDA JONES, it’s nothing personal). After the jump, how we would re-write the latter half of last night’s episode.

After the second time Michael and Holly duet on “LIFE IS A HIGHWAY,” something clicks for Michael and he asks Darryl to turn the moving truck around. They stop at a Chili’s for lunch, where Michael calls David Wallace and tells him that if Holly is forced to transfer to New Hampshire, he’s going to resign from the company. Wallace agrees to give Holly her old job back as long as they agree to terminate their sexual relationship.

What Michael doesn’t realize is that due to the current economy, the New Hampshire branch was forced to close earlier that morning, so there is no new job for Holly in New Hampshire.

As Michael helps a grateful Holly unpack her things back in Scranton, they devise a plan to publicly break up in front of the office while continuing to secretly meet up — allowing for plenty of Dwight/Angela-esque hijinks. But because it’s Michael, he deviates from the plan and starts a rumor via Dwight that he’s breaking up with Holly because Daryl touched her. And she liked it.

Anything to get Kelly, who totally disproved our SEX AND THE CITY costume ban, involved in more scenes.

What do you think? Got any better ideas?