MTV Discovers Seattle Music Scene in New Web Series


Did you catch the first season of MTV’s online series $5 Cover, which spent 25 days in the life of the Memphis underground music scene? Neither did we. Now, the show is back for round two, and the chosen city is… Seattle? As in, grunge mecca of 20 years ago Seattle? Yeah, it wouldn’t be our first choice for a burgeoning local scene to follow.

But here’s the good news: the series is directed by Humpday filmmaker Lynn Shelton, which means it doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard to be cool, although it does sort of have a Hills-style, semi-staged feel at times. And unfortunately, $5 Cover isn’t impressing us much musically, and if you find listening to hipsters talk about their band boring, then you won’t enjoy the dialog. Watch the trailer after the jump, check out the entire season at the show’s site, and tell us what you think after the jump.