Desert Island Pick of the Week: The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack


Gabriel Fowler is the owner of Desert Island, our favorite comic book store in Williamsburg; you might remember him as the expert who helped us decode Obama’s Spider-Man obsession or offered up some choice comic book picks in the past. We were in his shop last night buying a copy of Watchmen and the third book in the Sandman series when we realized that we hadn’t bugged him for a recommendation in way too long. Thus we refused to pay until he gave us what follows after the jump. Enjoy!

“This stuff is hilarious. Nicholas Gurewitch basically combines a children’s book illustration style with super-morbid surreal humor. The results are somewhat alarming and laugh-out-loud funny. The ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’ comic strip originated in the Syracuse University newspaper, evolved into a webcomic, and was collected in the book The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories in 2007. This first book was insanely popular, and is now almost sold out. No matter: the new book (which was just released yesterday) reprints the entire first book and doubles the page count (256!). If you already own the first book, you have the right to be pissed. But if you’re a fan, it’s worth it for the new material: In addition to lots of new strips, the Almanack includes bonus ‘lost’ strips, false starts, sketches, and a great interview with the artist.” [Editor’s note: There’s also a foreword by Diablo Cody if you’re into her — we are, but realize she’s divisive.]