Arty News Roundup: Banksy, Damien Hirst, William Eggleston, Jackson Pollock and Frank Gehry


When having rats is a good thing – A Liverpool pub featuring one of BANKSY’s giant rat murals from 2004 is on the market for £495,000. Experts value the building at closer to a million pounds thanks to the image’s size and age. [The Mirror]

We hope you’re not eating a burger – DAMIEN HIRST art directs a gruesome new video for British rock band THE HOURS that stars SIENNA MILLER, a mutilated cow and a boatload of blood. Ew. [NME]

He’s come a long way, baby – Next week New York’s Whitney Museum hosts a WILLIAM EGGLESTON retrospective; his museum debut in 1976 was called “the most hated show of the year,” but as he made color photography legit as fine art, we’ll cut him a break. [Time]

Cheaper than a footlong at Subway – The JACKSON POLLOCK painting featured in WHO THE $#%& IS JACKSON POLLOCK is for sale at a gallery in Toronto with an asking price of 5 million dollars. That’s $4,999,995 than the owner paid for it in a thrift store. [CBC]

Gehry goes all grave digger – An Iraeli court has approved L.A.’s Simon Wiesenthal Center’s plans to put up a FRANK GEHRY-designed Museum of Tolerance on the grounds of a Muslim cemetery. Double ew. [LAT]

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