Daily Dose Pick: Rhizome


The go-to site for technological experimentation, Rhizome offers a riveting array of new-media art, networked culture, and creative internet information.

Founded way back in 1996 to support a developing community of digital-art pioneers, the savvy site now boasts more than 2,500 avant-garde works in the ArtBase, its online archive. Affiliated with the New Museum since 2003, Rhizome also publishes a dynamic blog, commissions emerging artists to create new-media projects, organizes exhibitions and events, and provides a powerful platform for the discussion and promotion of experimental art.

Explore the full Rhizome site, view digital artworks in the ArtBase, subscribe to the newsletter, check out the related Free exhibition at the New Museum, and support Rhizome by becoming a member.

Click through below for a gallery of images and videos from Rhizome.

Sputnik, Cosmic sphere,2009. Art Business Consulting. Image from the exhibition CONTACT at XL Gallery.

Sunset, 2007, Hector Llanquin. A series of digital photographs of sunsets altered by a controlled download error.

Dark Green (2010), Jacob Ciocci. Music by Extreme Animals.

OnceInAThousandYears.com, 2010, Angelo Plessas.

SPEED SHOW vol.4: Super Niche, NYC. Artist Aram Bartholl’s roaming exhibition series SPEED SHOW descended upon New York last Wednesday. The concept is simple: rent all the computers at an internet cafe for an evening and show a bunch of online work. So far, it’s also been organized in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam.

The Conversation from Ralf Baecker.

Introduction to video tutorial, 2010, Simon Denny

Hidden Shit, 2010, Adam Cruces and Michael Ray-Von. From the PDF exhibition series Adobe PDF. Image from File 4, “Hidden Shit” by Adam Cruces and Michael Ray-Von.

Soviet 1987 Digital Image Editing Tool. Video from 1987 depicting early digital-image editing techniques in the Soviet Union using rotary scanners, magnetic tape, and trackballs.

Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun Is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 2006