Quote of the Day: Lady Gaga Must Age in Dog Years

“This is all part of a movement. My artistry is much deeper than fashion or anything like that: I love pop music, and I want to bring it back. People are truly hungry for this. They generally miss the ’90s and the superfans flooding Times Square, crying and wailing and doing anything to see the fingernail of a star. I want that back, and [the ‘LoveGame’ video] is just another move towards that. ‘LoveGame’ is a genuine New York lifestyle video. It’s got that feeling of ‘gay, black New York,’ of inclusion and glamour. I wanted to really bring forth the girl that I was four years ago, and I wanted to put it in the setting of the underground subway. I worked with Joseph Kahn, and he did an amazing job. He didn’t just capture the fashion; he captured the artist. We all used to believe in that very artistic lie that pop music tells. And we want to believe in that again. And it is back. I promise you. It’s happening right now. My work is honest and strong, and I couldn’t be more happy to see it reach so many people. There’s really nothing else I can say.”

– Lady Gaga discusses her world domination plans with MTV News; let it be noted that she was only five years old in 1990. There’s really nothing else we can say. Except… it should also be noted that we interviewed her back when we first launched – or a decades ago in Gaga years. Misstep.