What’s on at Flavorpill: Links that made the rounds in our office.

By Flavorwire Staff

Today at Flavorpill, we fell in love with The Nietzsche Family Circus; we geeked over some optical illusions involving geometric furniture; we were amused by this map of Manhattan neighborhoods labeled by stereotypes (but think maybe people should just buck ’em); we learned Freida Pinto may soon add “Bond girl” to the resume (watch out, Woody!); we rolled our eyes at Interview magazine claiming Zac Efron is the future (of what? HSM 7?); we considered heeding Gawker’s nerd call for people to rewatch The Watchmen; SVA’s “Think” campaign made us, um, think, and our dreams of seeing Wacko Jacko live, in man-made flesh, were crushed (not like we could afford it anyway). Guess we’ll just have to drown our sorrows in some nachos courtesy of man about town/Flavorwire contributor Lee Frank tomorrow afternoon…