The Flavorpill Mixtape LIV: Madvillain, John Vanderslice, The Decemberists


Welcome to the first Flavorpill mixtape of 2011, fresh off the mp3 presses. This week, we’ve got a selection from some dance punk greats, a snippet (or song?) from a forthcoming Madvillain project, and a lovely, moody new track from John Vanderslice, all combined to get you through the first working week of the year. Don’t forget to right click + Save As to download individual tracks or scroll down to the end to get them all at once.

1. “Dance to the Beat of Moody” by ESG

To help you get pumped for the South Bronx disco-punk group ESG’s forthcoming reunion songs, the band recently released Dance to the Best of ESG, a compilation that will have you doing just that. All you LCD Soundsystem junkies: listen and be enraptured.

2. “Avalanche/Victory Lap” by Madvillain

It’s been the better part of decade since DOOM and Madlib released Madvillainy, but Stones Throw Records impresario Peanut Butter Wolf gives us hope that it won’t be too long before we hear another twisted rap masterpiece from the duo. This sample headed off the label’s podcast, and song or snippet or tiny segment of forthcoming hip-hopera that it may be, it gives us hope for more Madvillain mischief in 2011.

3. Deathsweater” by Beans

Anti-Pop Consortium’s Beans has long been a sort of post-hip-hop artist, stuttering and strutting through glitchy electronic bloops. “Deathsweater” is a taste of his upcoming album End It All, and it sounds like a pop song as reconstructed by fashion-conscious robots. It’s a little abrasive, a little metallic, but still hopelessly catchy.

4. “Wild I” by the Babies

Another look at The Babies’ forthcoming 7″ The Wilds, to be released in February. Catch them on their West Coast tour this winter, or wait patiently for their full-length to drop this spring.

5. “Sea Salt” by John Vanderslice

The opener for John Vanderslice’s new album White Wilderness, “Sea Salt” supplements Vanderslice’s intimate song-writing style with the lushness of the Magik Magik Orchestra and some prowess from John Congleton of The Walkmen and St. Vincent.

6. “Down by the Water” by The Decemberists

Until its release on January 18th, The Decemberists’ new album The King is Dead is streaming in its entirety at NPR’s website. Check it out, and nab “Down by the Water,” the first spare, stripped-down single from the album.

7. “Callers” by Hard Mix

Hard Mix is a South Carolina-based producer who seems bent on reviving the eerie-Casiotone sound, infusing it with samples of hand-claps and call-outs. “Callers” is the latest offering, but keep your eyes peeled for a 7″ with Star Slinger this winter.

8. “It Goes Down” by Tape Deck Mountain

Self-described “mid-fi” band Tape Deck Mountain is readying for the release of its Secret Serf EP, out in January 11th. This track leans more towards the lo-fi than the mid, echoey and fuzzy with some pleasant early Pavement tinges.

9. “It’s Working” by MGMT (Daytrotter Session)

Over the holidays, MGMT stopped by to record a Daytrotter Session in Rock Island, Illinois. The whole thing is available to download for free at the Daytrotter site. For this track, MGMT went acoustic and 1980s-inspired, and it turned out pretty well, actually.

10. “God Only Knows” by Rivers Cuomo

Again, we must reprise our love for all things Beach Boys (at least while Brian Wilson was still at the creative helm) and all things Weezer. What could be better than Rivers Cuomo’s stripped down version of “God Only Knows” for that inner teenage fan? Nothing, that’s what.

Click here to download it all!