’90s Pop Culture Dolls: A Long, Strange Trip Down Memory Lane


It’s been a nostalgic day at Flavorpill HQ. Earlier today, we checked in with some of our favorite authors from when we were kids. And when The Hairpin posted a photo of some supremely weird Full House dolls, we couldn’t stop ourselves from revisiting the full array of pop culture dolls we owned (and coveted) back in the ’90s. Reminisce with us after the jump, where you’ll find everyone from Punky Brewster and Blossom to New Kids on the Block and Macaulay Culkin.

Full House. As The Hairpin notes, it seems there was no room for poor Joey. Someone should really have packaged Dave Coulier with an angry Alanis Morissette doll.

New Kids on the Block. True story: we owned Donnie and Joe, even though we kind of hated Donnie. Would have much preferred Jordan. [via]

Beverly Hills, 90210. Brenda in shorts and a tie? Classic! Also, guess Steve, David, and Andrea didn’t make the cut…

Vanilla Ice was so cool he got two dolls. Didn’t we recently see that ensemble on the right on Serena van der Woodsen?

Spice Girls. Creepy eyes!

Punky Brewster: a “cuddly” role model for latchkey kids everywhere!

Rosie O’Donnell. Also, she talks. Of course she talks.

Saved by the Bell. Did anyone buy Screech? Was Kelly’s hairline receding? What was in Jessie’s bag? Why is Zack looking at us like that? So many questions!

Supermodels. Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Karen Mulder. Honestly, we’re more interested in Naomi’s real-life get-up in this photo. [via]

‘NSYNC. Each band member got his own doll, but we hope you’ll join us in admiring Joey Fatone’s.

Winona Ryder, from Alien: Resurrection. We would have preferred a doll from Reality Bites.

Steve Urkel. Yes, they did do that.

TLC. You may remember Chili as the one who didn’t burn down anyone’s house or, um, die.

Macaulay Culkin. From Home Alone. Uncanny.

MC Hammer. Uh, we remember the pants, but the see-through mesh belly shirt with the stars on it? Did that actually happen?

Blossom. They got the hat and the nose. Well done, Tyco.

Brandy. Nothing says Christmas like a Singing Holiday Brandy doll.

Clueless. Yes, there were Cher and Dionne dolls, too. But remember Amber?!