Rocking the Suburbs, or Our Top 10 Moments of Suburban Living


According to Time Magazine’s new “What’s Next in 2009” list (no really, they’ve come out with a relevant, imaginative list this time!), the suburbs are dead. They’re dead because maybe people finally realized that the big lawn-and-cul-de-sac fantasy was a lie. (See: Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road.) Or, there’s a much more level-headed explanation having something to do with the housing crisis and sub-prime terribleness. Either way, if we’re going to recycle and save these strip malls, we’re going to need some inspiration. So after the jump, we kick things off with our top ten moments of suburban living.

10. Valley Girl — because it’s the only real excuse we have to watch Nicolas Cage. Plus, great soundtrack.

9. Suburbia — because we actually have a VHS copy sitting on our desk (sorry, Jeff).

8. “Suburbia” by the Pet Shop Boys — because the Boys’ inspiration was # 9.

7. Pretty much every amateur skate video ever.

6. “Subdivisions” by Rush — because… Rush?

5. Clerksbecause when we think “suburbs,” we think necrophilia and video stores.

4. Weeds — because our family will never be as fucked up as theirs.

3. Serial Momsee above.

2. “Rockin’ the Suburbs” by Ben Folds (sans Five) — because this song has been in our head all day.

1. Edward Scissorhandsbecause Johnny Depp.

Nominate your suburban fantasy/dystopia in the comments!