What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we learned 40 things that make old people really happy. We tried to imagine how product placement would have worked in The Walking Dead. We were shocked to hear that TLC is giving Ted Haggard his own one-hour reality special — and possibly his own series. We checked out the first images from Neverland, the Peter Pan prequel that stars Bob Hoskins, Rhys Ifans and Anna Friel. We compared the final boxing match in The Fighter versus what happened in real life. We were impressed by Michael Caine’s impresson of Michael Caine. We were disappointed to hear that Piers Morgan’s first guest will be Oprah — we don’t know about you, but we’re kind of Oprah’ed out at the moment. We listened to Iron & Wire play their entire new album, Kiss Each Other Clean, live. We found it funny that Jeff Koons sent cease and desist letters to San Francisco’s Park Life store/gallery for selling balloon animal-shaped bookends. And finally, we loved this hilariously nerdy spoof of Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” that’s all about her search for life on other planets.