Tweets from SXSW Almost as Good as the Real Thing?


As we tried to express on Friday, we’re mildly bummed not to be at the SXSW Festival (or adult spring break) — especially now that the weather in Austin has cleared up. It means we can’t hobnob with all the Web Awards Winners. Or witness Morgan Spurlock call digital distribution revenues pathetic firsthand. Or watch as iPhone geeks freak out because their phone won’t work. Or drunkenly chortle as people’s hair catches on fire at margarita-soaked parties. Le sigh.

But we do have the Rooftop kids covering the fest from the ground, and the vicarious thrill of reading everything that comes up in our #sxsw search on Twitter. Some of the choicest tweets of the day, along with a hilarious video from a panel where the Onion‘s Barathude Thurston explains how he hacked that Skittles promotion, after the jump.

whitneyhes: There’s a waitress at We Fusion who’s wearing a red bandana as a dress. Literally. #sxsw

jyoseph: Hey guy at the code booth, your crack is all kinds of hangin’ out #sxsw #tradeshow

Annaleen: #sxsw at least io9 lost the bloggie to CuteOverload, a site which I worship. but we would kick their ass in a light saber fight.

beartwinsmom: I keep seeing #sxsw hashtag around. Can someone please explain to me what it means? Sounds like one rockin’ conference (and I’m missing it!)

HHotelConsult’s: SXSW – it’s like… I dunno. I get it, but it’s like choosing to go to Russia and wait in line for bread. I am good at queuing, but really

insanitea: Currently astral-Tweeting from SXSW. Nothing much to see. Should’ve gone to Six Flags.

liabulalong: overheard social media marketing douchebag trying to get @cshirky to join rogaine’s facebook group! um. #sxsw

kinslerbot: jealous of my parents who are going to SXSW and are therefore infinitely cooler than me

Rackerhacker: @rjamestaylor I’ve also heard “platform”, “API”, and “freemium” today. Freemium? WTF? #sxsw #sxswspark

mikeatlunch: It’s hot today at sxsw. Make sure you bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water. Love mom.

nancyscola: Data is the new “plastics.” You heard it here first. #opengov #sxsw

Taghkanic: is plowing through 1,268 SXSW songs and throwing almost all of ’em away.

The Onion Editor Baratunde Thurston on Skittles from david Plain on Vimeo.