Rihanna and the Bodyguard: Not What We Thought They Meant


Rihanna’s rep has come forward today to deny the Daily News’ report that the singer’s been tapped to remake The Bodyguard, starring in Whitney Houston’s career-making role. Wow. So there’s the obvious joke here, about how maybe Rihanna could really use a bodyguard. But then, on a more literal level, with once-adoring fans now questioning her judgment amid rumors of a reconciliation with Chris Brown, she could also probably use a boost, career-wise. Take comfort, however: that same flack was also able to dispel a similarly false story (run by CNN this time), claiming that the troubled pair had just completed a new duet. Turns out, that was recorded last summer, and was never released. Apparently the Pussycat Dolls pounced on that opportunity, recording it for that zeitgeisty wonderfilm, Confessions of a Shopaholic. So, take the good news with the bad, we guess…