The Buzziest Gadgets from the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show


While Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Polaroid might be making the most waves at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show — thanks in no small part to the pop star’s presence at the product launch presentation — there are obviously plenty of other buzz worthy things going down in Las Vegas this week. That’s why we’re glad that our friends over at CNBC put together a handy cheatsheet of the major game changers in the tech field. Click through to check out a few highlights, and head over to their slideshow for the full story.

Vizio VIA Plus Ecosystem

CNBC’s Chris Morris says: “Buyers of the company’s HD TVs and Blu-ray players can bypass getting an Xbox 360 or PS3 and still play AAA games whenever they want. It’s something that could revolutionize the video game industry – and the smart TV field.”

LG Optimus 2X

CNBC’s Chris Morris says: “There are dozens of new phones on display this year, but the Optimus 2X stands out due to its status as the first to use nVidia’s Tegra 2 chip, a new Android-based smart phone brain that is built specifically to work with Flash and deliver the same functionality you’d get with a laptop. ”

Bloggie 3D

CNBC’s Chris Morris says: “Sony’s handheld Bloggie 3D camcorder will cost just $250 when it launches in April, which might be enough to get people to experiment with the new technology — and could finally usher in the home 3D era.”

Netgear 3DHD Wireless Home Theater Networking Kit

CNBC’s Chris Morris says: “This networking kit allows you to smoothly stream HD or even 3D content to up to 3 screens.”

RIM Playbook

CNBC’s Chris Morris says: “While some of the tablets at CES do have a wow factor, the looming launch of iPad 2 puts some of their fates in jeopardy – but not the Playbook. Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion announced at CES that a 4G version of the device is on the way to Sprint as it begins its marketing ramp towards launch. ”

Lexmark Genesis

CNBC’s Chris Morris says: “All-in-one printers aren’t exactly sexy consumer tech, normally – but the Genesis not only has a unique look, it’s also one of the fastest scanners around.”