This Week in Buzz


Editor’s note: Each Friday, our internet-savvy friends over at BuzzFeed curate a post for us that’s filled with links to some of their favorite items on the web that week. Enjoy!

We’re only one week into 2011, and it’s obvious that the 2012 apocalypse theories are coming true: Reports of mass animal die-offs have been flooding our system, so we corralled them all together in one handy birdfishcrabpocalypse viral topic page. (Note: Penguins seem to be oblivious to the impending doom.) As if things couldn’t get any stranger, the winning Mega Millions Lottery Numbers bore striking similarities to the string of numerals Lost character Hurley was so obsessed with. And then it got really bad: all of the Chilis were closed. But let’s not kid around here. What you really want to know about is Ted Williams. Some have called his character into question after viewing over two decades worth of Ted’s mugshots, but seeing him reunited with his mother after 20 years, most of us couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. With all of this craziness bubbling up after only a week into the new year, it would be easy to forget the best video from the final days of 2010, but if you haven’t seen Charlotte, the cutest baby ever to hate everything, then you’re missing out.