Rooftop Films @ SXSW: Brilliant Busy Days


Mark Elijah Rosenberg is the Founder and Artistic Director of Rooftop Films; look for film reviews from him and the rest of the Rooftop crew throughout the week.

I’m not gonna name drop or reveal plans, and I’m not trying to brag on being busy, but this was how I spent yesterday at SXSW, and this is why I love a good film festival:

+ 5 movies seen + 5 introductions to filmmakers made + 1 meeting held with PR person about marketing and PR roll-out for Rooftop’s various initiatives + 1 meeting held with a film producer about special screening at Rooftop with doc subject, art installation, walking tour, and more + 1 meeting held with European programmer about live, cross-Atlantic simultaneous screening with web-cam link + 2 meetings held with different social justice outreach film coordinators + # ongoing talks with US programmer about curating a collaborative, serial film production + 3 parties attended + 3 rides taken on the Winnebago + 2 pitches developed for Winnebago Man horror sequels + 3 Twitter film reviews written + 1 Flavorwire film review written + Many, many, many conversations about films talked and chatted and debated

What a pleasure and an honor it is to do this stimulating work.