The Flavorpill Mixtape: Mogwai, Kurt Vile, Marnie Stern


This week, our mixtape is overflowing with great new stuff. A track from the upcoming Mogwai record? Check! Great remixes courtesy of Max Tundra and Twin Shadow? Roger. Not to mention some nice little sonic nuggets from Real Estate side project Ducktails and hip-hop contender Wiz Khalifa. Sample, swirl, and right click + save as to download these fellas, or scroll on down tot he bottom of the page for a zip file of the entire tape.

“Jesus Fever” by Kurt Vile

A glimpse of Vile’s second full-length record, Smoke Ring For My Halo, “Jesus Fever” is not quite what you would expect from a jangly folk song of that title. It’s harmonically gorgeous and lyrically twisted, one of those songs that you’ll sing along to but still wonder what exactly you’re saying.

“Hexadecimal Genome” by Bitshifter

After an all-too-long hiatus, New York’s Museum of the Moving Image is back, and they’re taking over with the inaugural Signal to Noise event. What does that mean? Well, first, that Bitshifter and his glitched out video-game inspired dance music will be amping up the dance floor along with Project Jenny, Project Jan. Plus, there’ll be silent films accompanied by Nick Yulman and his robotic orchestra. It’s a perfect mishmash of aesthetics, and it promises to be a lot of fun.

“San Pedro” by Mogwai

Another glimpse of the new Mogwai record that we’re already drooling over, “San Pedro” is a tangled instrumental track, full of hushed guitars and spectral melodic layers.

“The Things That You Notice” by Marnie Stern (Max Tundra Remix)

According to a Q&A with Stern’s label, Kill Rock Stars, Tundra decided to remix this Stern track in hopes that it would be heard at Steven Spielberg’s house ” so that he invites me to compose the soundtrack for E.T. 2.” A worthy ambition, and a fun, punchy remix of Stern’s song that still pays service to her killer guitar skills.

“Do What You Will” by Papercuts

The first single from Papercuts’ fourth album, “Do What You Will” continues what the band does best — echoey, haunted, and elegant rock songs, like Wilco mixed with Belle and Sebastian as heard through an enormous vat of goo.

“Stoned” by Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” was one of our favorite jams from 2010, and “Stoned” tones down the swagger and the bling for something heartfelt and still bumpin’.

“White Nights” by Oh Land (Twin Shadow Remix)

Danish songstress Oh Land is set to release an album in March, and “White Nights” is the first single. Here, Twin Shadow replaces the simple (but effective) drums and synth back-up with something a bit more…complicated, but equally as interesting.

“Shell Games” by Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes’ new album, The People’s Key, is heading our way on February 15th. That’s right — just in time for you to mope about post-Valentine’s Day! No, we kid. But you can count on Conor Oberst’s literate, emotional warble to at least unsettle your ears.

“Safari Disco Club” by Yelle

French dance pop queen Yelle is coming our way with another dose of her giddy, Parisian electronic rhythms. “Safari Disco Club” is the new single from her upcoming album of the same name, which promises to be a delightful francophone romp.

“Killin’ the Vibe” by Ducktails [ft. Panda Bear]

Real Estate’s Matthew Mondanile joins Panda Bear for this beachy, balmy number, a track that emphatically does not kill the vibe — unless the vibe is cathedral-appropriate doom metal.

Download it all here!

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