Why Yes, Dan Deacon Is Scoring Francis Ford Coppola’s New Film


One of them is an Academy Award-winning director whose films are constantly ranked among the best movies of all time. The other is a musician with big, goofy glasses and a fondness of Fred Flintstone T-shirts who knows how to get a basement party started. What could the latter, Dan Deacon, possibly be doing scoring a film by the former, Francis Ford Coppola? We have no idea (although we feel compelled to point out that Deacon does have a graduate degree in computer music), but we sure are proud of Baltimore’s favorite son.

And just to prove that we’re not punking you, we’ll close with an excerpt of what may be the strangest press release we’ve ever received: “Dan Deacon has been tapped by Francis Ford Coppola to score his next film, Twixt Now and Sunrise, due later this year. The gothic romance stars Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin & Elle Fanning. In addition to scoring the film, Mr. Coppola and Mr. Deacon are collaborating on a larger level, details of which will be announced soon.”