Exclusive: Ewan Pearson Steps out with Mister Saturday Night


One of our fave NYC party mainstays is the inimitable Mister Saturday Night. This week, we’re looking forward to a battle of New York old-school house versus cerebral English pop-techno (that’d be Todd Terry vs. Ewan Pearson), taking over both rooms of the clurrrb. Flavorwire friend (and BFF of Mr. Saturday Night, himself) Eamon Harkin grabbed Ewan Pearson — from Wales, no less! — for a quick catch-up before he hits the decks on this side of the pond.

Eamon Harkin: You’re holed up in a studio in Wales currently. Can you tell us a little about the project?

Ewan Pearson: I’m in Rockfield studios — the oldest residential studio in the world apparently. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was recorded here amongst many other things, Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine,” Motorhead “The Ace of Spades”… A lot of heavy ’70s rock was recorded here and a lot of Britpop too. The drummer from Mott the Hoople popped in today to say hello! I am producing the debut album from a band called Delphic. It’s, erm, not at all heavy or ’70s sounding — it’s very ecstatic New Order-ish electronic pop. You can hear their first single, “Counterpoint,” here.

EH: You’re playing with Todd Terry here this week — obviously, he’s associated with a golden age of New York house. Do you have a favorite bygone period of dance music?

EP: I think I would have liked to have been in New York from ’76 to ’82 or ’83. Would have covered all the different disco eras pretty well, and got some New Wave and other stuff in nicely too.

EH: How would you rate the recent experiences of your recent New York gigs to the gigs you play throughout Europe?

EP: I love playing in New York. People seem pretty open-minded, and up for a bit of everything really. And I have some great friends here, so it feels like a home gig in many ways.

EH: What’s in store for the rest of 2009?

EP: First up it’s finishing Delphic‘s and Tracey Thorn’s albums, then I might be working on another album that I can’t name as yet. Also there is a Partial Arts remix of Burger and Voigt coming soon, and hopefully a new original single from us too. And that’s about it for now…

Check out a downloadable live mix from February 28th’s Mister Saturday Night.