The Trouble with Current's The Twouble with Twitters


Is Twitter all about communicating “detached, bite-sized yippity-yap” to “no one and everyone”? Are its users all “addicts” in search of “self affirmation”? That’s Current’s current take on the Twittersphere (now that the election is over, we suppose) in the freshly-leaked promo for their upcoming season of SuperNews. While there were definitely a few lines that made us chuckle, they lost all credibility with this dated zinger: “If they were really your friends, wouldn’t they call you personally to see how you were doing?” When’s the last time you called someone just to chat who wasn’t your mom? Or maybe that’s just us.

Also: We also find it hard to believe that a guy with that shaggy hipster haircut wouldn’t know what Twitter is. He’s like their core demographic.

View the teaser after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments. We’re off to tweet about this — which is probably exactly what they wanted.