Rate-a-Trailer: Gael García Bernal in A Little Bit of Heaven


A Little Bit of Heaven stars Gael García Bernal as a sexy doctor. Okay, maybe its protagonist is technically Kate Hudson, playing a young, loveless, high-powered executive with a knack for provocative, off-the-cuff boardroom presentations about condoms. But that got your attention, didn’t it? Anyway, probably because she’s a successful woman without a love interest, Hudson’s character learns she has cancer and proceeds to fall in love with her physician, the aforementioned Bernal. Who is half-naked and playing with a yo-yo for a while in the preview below. Just sayin’. Also, Kathy Bates is in it and Whoopi Goldberg may or may not be playing… God? The movie comes out February 4th in the UK and will cross the pond sometime this year.

[via /Film]