Would You Tattoo Yourself for a Lifetime Subscription?


Would you get a literary tattoo in exchange for a lifetime subscription of books from an indie press? The forward thinking folks at Black Ocean certainly hope so. According to a new post on their blog: “If you’d like to get a tattoo inspired by a Black Ocean title, you too can receive a lifetime subscription and become a Black Oceanographer for life! Just send us a picture of you getting your tattoo (so we know it’s not simply a magic marker), or find one of us in person and expose yourself to us (with fair warning).” Pictured here is Rebecca H.’s tattoo, which was inspired by “The Center of Worthwhile Things” from The Man Suit by poet Zachary Schomburg. Pretty! It’s probably worth noting that Black Ocean also offers “The Everything-In-Print Subscription” for $100 — which gets you one copy of every title that they’ve published (barring out-of-print titles and special limited editions), plus a free book. Sounds cheaper and less painful to us. [via GalleyCat]