Lunch Break: Lower East Side Nachos Crawl [Photo Gallery]


So you’re not six drinks in at some random Irish pub right now. Neither are we. (Dude, who needs beer when you’ve got DIY Shamrock shakes?). But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t all use a little vicarious New York adventure. Last weekend, Flavorwire contributor Lee Frank set off with Nachos NY on an inaugural nachos crawl through the Lower East Side of NYC (hitting up Puebla, San Loco, and El Sombrero), and lucky for us, he documented the whole thing with a digicam.

But what’s a nachos crawl, you ask? We’ll let him explain it: “The nachos crawl borrows it name from pub crawling, but involves much less drinking and a bit more eating of nachos — instead of chugging, we gorged on guacamole and jalapenos.” Ah, all of the caloric guilt, none of the headache! That’s something we can get behind — especially since he offered us a free T-shirt if we agreed to post this. Viva los nachos!