Rate-a-Trailer: Eldorado (in 3-D)


If some trailers can seem too good to be true, the trailer for Eldorado seems almost too bad to be true. The British 3-D musical — yes, you read that correctly, it’s a British musical in 3-D — stars Michael Madsen, Steve Guttenberg, Daryl Hannah, Brigitte Nielsen, and the late David Carradine on a “comedic, musical journey” that has a crooked cop chasing a stripper on the run. Even beyond the bad wigs and fake backdrops, the movie’s got two characters called “The Jews Brothers,” slow-speed car chases, oddly convivial cowboy songs, Neo-Nazi wrestling (?), and an obligatory chainsaw death. Okay!

Despite some suspicion that the almost painfully bad trailer may be a hoax, it’s the real deal with the official press release insisting that it’s a parody of films like The Blues Brothers, Sweeney Todd, and Little Shop of Horrors. Click through to watch the trailer and then let us know what you think: is this a silly parody or the best bad movie of 2011 in the making?