Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim vs. Foxy Brown: Whose Diss Track Wins?


For a while there, all of our great female rappers had dropped off the map. But ever since Nicki Minaj came on the scene, it seems like they’re finally coming out of the woodwork. Lauryn Hill has been performing again, and this week, Missy Elliott “re-introduced” herself on a new Timbaland track, “Take Ur Clothes Off.” And Lil Kim is back, too, picking fights with Minaj. Now that those two ladies have exchanged disses, it’s time for Foxy Brown to show up again, to tell her old rival to lay off of Nicki. So, whose diss track hits the hardest? Let’s listen to all three and decide for ourselves.

Foxy Brown – “Massacre (Lil Kim Diss)”

Sample disses: “Fuck the whole I.R.S. / Y’all niggas ain’t killas.” “And all that subliminal rap shit, I’ll put you in a chinchilla casket.” “Glass house, throwin’ up stones / Bear witness to the rise and the fall of Ms. Kimberly Jones.”

Lil Kim – “Black Friday”

Sample disses: “We all know your last name’s what got you your job / You used to put together gimmicks something like a collage.” “I’m poppin’ off in your hood with no company / Come on, Queens ain’t showing you no love / I was there the other night poppin’ bottles with the thugs/ You like Washington Heffa, I’m Benjy.” “You and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagga jackas / I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income taxes.”

Nicki Minaj – “Roman’s Revenge”

Sample disses: “Yeah, I said it, has-been / Hang it up, flat screen.” “You Lil Brag-a-Lot, I beat you with a pad-a-lock / I am a movie, camera block / You outta work, I know it’s tough / But enough is enough.” “Well, bitch, if you ain’t shittin’, then get off the pot / Got some niggas out in Brooklyn that’ll off your top.”

So, who do you think won — Nicki, Kim, or Foxy? Let us know in the comments.