Flavorpill’s Official Skins Drinking Game


In the past, Flavorpill has brought you drinking games for some of our favorite shows, from True Blood to Mad Men to Glee . But even Don Draper would admit that there has never been a TV series that needs its own drinking game quite as much Skins. MTV’s American take on the controversial British series — which features teens doing drugs, having casual sex, and occasionally committing felonies — premieres tonight. We know that, in the spirit of these wild young things, you (and by that we mean, of course, those of you who are over 21) will want to be pretty intoxicated while watching it. Read the rules to our game after the jump, and be advised that hangovers tend to worsen as you age.

Take a drink whenever…

Tony smirks.

Tea is cheerleading.

Stanley is looking at porn.

Michelle has a moment of doubt about Tony.

Daisy says something pragmatic and no-nonsense.

Chris takes a drug.

Abbud talks about how horny he is.

Cadie reminds us that she’s crazy.

Eura gives us a look that confirms she’s the smartest person in the room.

Finish your drink if…

an adult behaves like a bumbling fool.

a party starts.

someone buys or sells drugs.

you hear a slang word you don’t understand.

Take a shot if…

someone steals a car.

one character makes out with another character’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

the kids get out of a seemingly impossible scrape with no apparent consequences.

you hear a song from a Pitchfork Best New Music album.

Finish the bottle if…

Stanley loses his virginity.

Eura speaks.

someone dies.

All photos by Jason Nocito/MTV