Chronic Flicks: Lymelife Out Next Month


The brothers Martini (that would be Derick and Steven) release their semi-autobiographical coming-of-age film, Lymelife , into wide release next month, after having garnered some rave reviews out of the Toronto Int’l Film Fest, as well as Sundance. We might be a little late to the game, but we just watched the trailer, and now we’re stoked, too. Besides featuring Jack Donaghy, and not one but two Culkin brothers — set in the ’70s; awesome wardrobe alert — the flick portrays two families struggling through a local Lyme disease outbreak; this is one serious malady due its silver-screen moment.

Really, the only mainstream Lyme disease cultural commentary we can think of occurred back on The Real World: Seattle (remember the Slap Heard Round the World?). And plenty of other films have mined the catastrophic, inspiring, and gut-wrenching tales to come out of chronic illness. Watch the Lymelife trailer below, and then compare it to the subsequent chronic classics (scenes or trailers are linked).

Did we miss one? Share your favorite films about disease in the comments.

12 Monkeys (Trailer)

Outbreak (Trailer)

28 Days Later (Trailer)

Bubble Boy (Trailer)

Elephant Man (Trailer)

Philadelphia (Trailer) — a case could be made for “every Tom Hanks movie, ever”

Midnight Cowboy (Trailer)

Vertigo (Trailer)

A Beautiful Mind (Trailer)

Days of Wine and Roses (Trailer)

Safe (Trailer)

Awakenings (Trailer)