Depression Special #5: Five Free (and legal) Full-Album Downloads


With AIG handing millions of dollars to its high-end idiots, rail riders everywhere are starting to talk revolution. Still, regulation takes time, and in the short-term we’ve all got to take what we can get (unless you’re a corporation of course). In the fifth edition of our Depression Special series, we save you enough change to bail out another batch of billionaires. After the jump five free and legal full-record downloads to enjoy while plot your revenge on Wall Street.

Audion – I Am the Car No, it’s not an entire album, but this 9-minute track by Matthew Dear off-shoot Audion is more than a teaser for his upcoming album. It’s a haunting, shadowy adventure in pulsing techno. Preview| Download the Record

Ratatat – Ratatat Remixes Mixtape Volume 2In this remix masterpiece, NYC electro-rock hybrid Ratatat adds sets the likes of Kanye West, Biggie Smalls, and Jay-Z amidst a swarming beats. Preview| Download the Record

The Antlers – New York Hospitals EP / Cold War EP / February Tape EPNPR’s All Songs Considered guru Robin Hilton called indie darlings the Antlers’ debut “one of the most beautiful and moving works I’ve heard in a long, long time.” In a gesture of good will,, the band is offering the lead-up eps for free. Preview | Download the Records

Tim Hecker: Pluie 1 In this gritty piece created to soundtrack an avant-garde dance work, ambient fiend Tim Hecker scraps metal against sunshine, creating a series of rough atmospheres as foreboding as they are hopeful. Preview| Download the Record

Amazon – Hundreds of Free Mp3sAn impressive grab-bag for any bindle-bearing depression music session, Amazon’s free mp3 site features more than 500 tracks by everyone form Antony to N.A.S.A. and Ted Nugent. Preview| Download

Know about an album we should feature in next week’s Depression Special? Send our editors an email here and we’ll give it a spin.

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