Elton John’s Letter to His 16-Year-Old Self: “You Are Queer”


Elton John’s letter to his 16-year-old self, published in a book of similar notes that benefited his AIDS foundation, reads like the script to an It Gets Better video. Kicking off with news that might have come as a shocker to teenage Reginald Dwight, John writes, “Trust me when I tell you — you are ‘queer’; you are a gay boy.” Then, he gives some advice he’s gleaned over the years: don’t wait until you’re 23 to lose your virginity, don’t fall in love too soon, have lots of safe sex, stay away from drugs, and become a gay rights advocate — oh, and “change your name.” Sounds good to us! Read the handwritten note after the jump, and click over to Letters of Note for the transcription.