Now Even Fake Boy Bands Are Reuniting


Remember O-Town? Vaguely? Yup, they were the boy band MTV put together on the first season of Making the Band, and they were kind of a joke but kind of not and it was kind of hard to figure out whether we were supposed to take them seriously or not. Well, get ready to pick up where you left off with your confusion, because O-Town is back. The new group will include four of the original five band members — minus Ashley Parker Angel, whose name is the only one we actually recognize.

In a year that also promises a summer tour co-headlined by O-Town’s more popular contemporaries, Backstreet Boys, and early ’90s heartthrobs New Kids on the Block, we have to wonder: are boy bands back? Already? And if so, good luck to the fellows in *NSYNC with their inevitable attempt to get JT back on board. Meanwhile, if you still can’t recall who O-Town are, watch a few clips after the jump to jog your memory.

“All or Nothing”

“Liquid Dreams”