Can You Believe This Film Was Shot on an iPhone?


Last week we heard the interesting news that Oldboy filmmaker Park Chan-Wook had completed work on a new short called “Paranmanjang” (or “Night Fishing”) that was shot entirely on an iPhone 4. Now, thanks to our friends at Cinematical, you can check out a trailer for the film, which will play in next month’s Berlin International Film Festival, along with a behind-the-scenes feature on the unique filmmaking process.

“It would seem as if Park approached the gig as a fun way to challenge and further his mastery of light and color — either that, or because some sucker bet him that he couldn’t make the image of a woman shaking a fishing rod while cawing like a seagull utterly terrifying (spoiler alert: he could),” writes Cinematical’s David Ehrlich. “The footage is inevitably kissed with a digital sheen inherent to the phone on which it was shot, but the rich dynamics of the images suggest that this is the result of some serious skill.” Click through and let us know in the comments if you’re as surprised by the outcome as we are.