Awesome Infographic: Your Horoscope’s Secret Message


In light of our recent astrological pseudo-crisis, in which everyone on the internet wasted hours trying to figure whether their zodiac sign had changed and what the hell “Ophiuchus” was supposed to mean, David McCandless of the brilliant Information Is Beautiful has done some fascinating research on horoscopes. McCandless analyzed 22,000 of them to figure out which unique words are used the most for each sign. And the results kind of make sense — Virgos see a lot of “perfect” and “careful,” while Pisces horoscopes are more likely to includes words like “emotional” or “decision.” Puzzle over the symbolism behind your sign’s most commonly used words, and read McCandless’s generic horoscope — compiled from the most common words used across astrological signs — after the jump.

Generic horoscope:

[via The Daily What]