WTF of the Day: The Four Loko Beverage Sleeve


When New York decided to ban Four Loko back in November, we mourned the passing of the caffeinated malt beverage just like everyone else did. But evidently there are some people out there who are refusing to let go, using Four Loko “cover sleeves” — made out of actual cans — to make everyday drinks look like something much more illicit.

Gothamist quotes one seller on eBay: “Piss your teachers off. Drink it at the skate park. Drink it at the mall. Show this off to people and become the popular funny person, or don’t reveal the secret so everyone just thinks you’re bad.” On second thought, if $6 (plus a $5 shipping fee) is all it takes to transform yourself into a popular funny person, maybe this is a deal. It’s definitely cheaper than trying to score actual contraband. What do you think?