A Charitable Match Made in Heaven


Flavorpill and Flavorwire have long been fans of New York City-based nonprofit charity: water. Former party promoter Scott Harrison set aside the wild life for a life in the wilds of Africa; his charity raises money for and builds sustainable freshwater wells in seriously impoverished countries (and not just in Africa, actually; they’re now in Latin America, India, and Bangladesh). Now, just this morning, we’ve come across the perfect sanitary partner: the Peepoo Bag. The portable toilet is self-sanitizing and biodegradable, and in several large-scale trials now. Imagine: if we could just get the charity: water folks and the Peepoo people (or Peepoople, as the designers call ’em) united, some serious strides might be made in third-world water sanitation. And that’s a thought that almost makes our hangover go away.

[If you’re in NYC, check out the charity: water exhibition up at Chelsea Market.]