Sartorial Showdown: Nicki Minaj vs. Lady Gaga


For a long time, at least as far as fashion statements were concerned, no one could touch Lady Gaga. In the world of pop, she was by far the strangest and most original clotheshorse out there. In recent months, however, as the masses have become more aware of Nicki Minaj, photos of the rapper dressed in crazy outfits have begun to proliferate. Has Nicki-come-lately surpassed La Gaga? Find out after the jump, in our sartorial showdown.

The ’80s

Point: Minaj Gaga kind of gets lost in this giant, purple leather jacket that seems to reference David Byrne, Prince, and power suits all at once. But Nicki never looked more at home than in a jump suit that would look right at home in a Run-DMC video and a cotton-candy beehive.

The Future Is Now

Point: Gaga

This one isn’t even close. That’s a cool bra, Nicki, but Gaga pretty much owns the futuristic look.

Nearly Naked

Point: Minaj

She may be pandering here, but Minaj seems like she’s having a hell of a lot more fun than Gaga, who looks like she’s just come off of a bad night at the Hell’s Angels clubhouse.

White Wedding

Point: Gaga

If you dress for a wedding when you’re not even getting married, you’d better go all-out over the top. Minaj’s fiery hair is a nice touch, but it can’t hold a candle to Gaga’s wackadoo veil.


Point: Minaj

Please. Everybody knows she’s a motherfuckin’ monster. You don’t mess with gold fangs.

Geeking Out

Point: Gaga

Sure, Nicki looks great in her Wonder Woman outfit. But we’ll be damned if Gaga is not going all-out Star Trek in this expensive-looking get-up, complete with face mask.


Point: Gaga

Listen, Nicki, this was a pretty good try. What are you, some kind of Egyptian lobster? Very nice. But nothing beats the meat dress.

WINNER: Lady Gaga — by a hair! She may still be the queen, but, as Nicki’s friends Jay-Z and Kanye might say, Gaga had better watch the throne.