The Scoop on Aaron Sorkin’s New HBO Series


We knew that Aaron Sorkin was working on a feature film for HBO called The Politician based on a non-fiction book about the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter controversy. But what we didn’t realize was that he’s also doing a television series for the network that’s set at a nightly cable news show — and he has already written the pilot!

Sorkin told BBC News: “I’ve spent some time at CNN… with Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, Fox News, I’ve spent some time being a fly on the wall at those shows… What the hope is, is that I can bring the same kind of idealism and romanticism that made government seem sexy on The West Wing, and I can bring it to the news and journalism, which in America is held in at least as much contempt as government.”

We can’t wait for Sorkin’s return to TV; after the way things ended with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip — and his overwhelming success with The Social Network — we weren’t sure it was ever going to happen. How about you? [via Collider]