The Music of Creed May Save You From Wolf Attack


A 13-year-old Norwegian schoolboy recently saved himself from a pack of wolves with a Creed song. Apparently, wolves have standards about the kind of music fans they will ingest, or even deign to maul. If only Little Red Riding Hood had thought of this. Or did everyone already know this except us? 1999 makes sense again! According to the report:

Eikrem was listening to Creed’s Overcome through his mobile phone and decided he’d try and utilise the band’s music to scare the wolves away. He reportedly removed his headphones and turned the volume up to maximum, at which point the wolves turned and walked away. Eikrem said that when the wolves heard Creed they “didn’t really get scared, they just turned around and simply trotted away”.

Well it’s no surprise. Wouldn’t you just turn around and tactfully trot away if a lonely 13-year old Norwegian boy proffered you his Creed-blasting earbuds? Wolves. They’re just like us. [via NME]