Secret Obsession: Celebrity Montages


Like our friends at Big Other, we are literally obsessed with watching videos of celebrities doing the same things over and over and over again. Somehow, even though it’s based in repetition, it never gets old, so as long as people keep making them and putting them on the internet, people will keep watching. But, further than the mere fleeting pleasure we get from the montages, we think they say something about each actor as a person — after all, if you get cast in a million movies where you cry, kill yourself, or have a panic attack, those directors must see something in your personality to support that. Or they’re just really, really uncreative. After all, as Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Check out some of our favorite (and most insane) montages and see if you agree with our character judgements after the jump.

Every Arnold Scream Ever

Seriously, this person just stopped being the governor of California. We’re just glad he didn’t start screaming at any official state functions… that we know of. Verdict: Just very expressive

Nicolas Cage Freaking Out

Well, if you were Nicolas Cage, wouldn’t you freak out? Verdict: Definitely unstable

Leonardo DiCaprio Freaking Out

Leonardo seems like a less primed candidate for this kind of video. After all, he used to be the pretty boy. But maybe that just leads to more angst? Verdict: Faking it

Julianne Moore Crying

After seeing her in 30 Rock, we don’t believe that she is a sad person on the inside. So she must be a pretty great actress. Verdict: Oscar-worthy

People in movies telling each other “You Look Like Shit”

This is not strictly a single celebrity montage, but it does give us cause to evaluate our culture. Verdict: People should be nicer, and wash their mouths out with soap.

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

We can’t help it. We love it. This made us want to watch every film Nicolas Cage has ever been in. Which is somewhere around 70. And so would take us around 262 days of straight watching. Verdict: Worth it

Tom Cruise Running

Ah, Tom Cruise, why are you always running from something? What are you so afraid of? We think we know. Verdict: Ran straight into the arms of Scientology