Weekly Reader: THE BOOK OF NIGHT WOMEN by Marlon James


A few years ago Sarah Weinman thought she was going to have a career in science, possibly of the forensic variety. But then she launched the crime and mystery fiction blog Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind as a way of procrastinating on her master’s thesis, and it literally changed her life’s path.

We can respect that.

We also respect her opinions on books across all genres, so much so that we’ve asked Weinman to recommend a new one for you to check out each Wednesday. (It’s amazing that she finds the time. The woman read 462 books last year.)

Learn more about her latest pick — a novel about a group of female slaves in Jamaica — after the jump, and leave us your review in the comments if you’ve already read it.

THE BOOK OF NIGHT WOMEN by Marlon James “The narrative voice, with its idiosyncratic inflections and storytelling warmth, will pull you into this outsized, marvelous account of a group of female slaves on a Jamaican plantation, struggling to free themselves of endless shackling, back-breaking toil and crippling indignantly. And then there is Lilith, infused with power from a young age that makes her feared, admired, reviled and rebellious — and makes the prospect of upheaval all the more dangerous. James recreates a world and brushes it with an element of the fantastic, but the emotions he conveys are all too real and heartbreaking.”

– Sarah Weinman