7 Absurd Celebrity Brand Representatives


We live in a world where we are bombarded by advertisements every day — and almost everywhere we look. We also live in a world where celebrities are revered, and their choices about products deemed important. So of course there are a million celebrities selling products — either just by appearing as a model in a print ad, or in a commercial with a slogan, or even by making public appearances. We are sometimes perplexed by the choices made — both by the brands themselves, as far as the celebs they choose to represent them, and also by the celebrities, who often seem willing to do almost anything to increase their bank accounts. Well, we won’t judge — for all we know, Kim Kardashian really does have strong feelings about Charmin over other toilet papers. Wait, what are we talking about? We will judge. Click through for a few of our favorite most absurd celebrity brand representatives.

Dave Matthews for John Varvatos

Our feelings for Dave Matthews (and we have many, and they are not positive) aside, this makes zero sense. John Varvatos, outfitter of rock-n-roll hipsters and high fashion punks, who opened his new boutique where punk club CBGB once stood, who used to use people like Iggy Pop in his ads, has chosen Dave Matthews to be the face of his brand? And – with a monkey? We shudder. Punk, it seems, is in fact dead. [via WWD]

Heidi Klum for Fruit Flirtations

Supermodels should not advertise candy. It just seems cruel. [via HuffPo]

Mikhail Gorbachev for Louis Vuitton

Nothing against Gorbachev, but doesn’t this 2007 ad just seem a little… inappropriate? [via NYT]

Pope Leo XIII for Mariani Wine

Actually, this might just be perfect. After all, Mariani wine was a Bordeaux laced with cocaine — and was later the inspiration for CocaCola. Scandal! [via Neatorama]

Kim Kardashian for Charmin Toilet Paper

Do ampler derrieres need special toilet paper? Or will Kim just sling anything for a buck?

Johnny Rotten for Country Life Butter

This may have worked for them. But it makes us sad. [via the Guardian]

Ozzy Ozbourne for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Seriously! What is with punk heroes/anarchists/psychotic musicians hawking butter products? It makes no sense.

Any ridiculous celebrity endorsements or ads that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!