Design Meme: Legos, Legos Everywhere!


We started noticing Legos about a month ago when artist Christoph Neimanns constructed an homage to NYC with the iconic blocks for the Times. Like everyone else, we were into it. His rendering of a plastic bag caught in a tree branch stretched the Lego possibilities to their logical extreme. His foot in dog poop? Clearly the work of a technical genius.

Then the annual Toy Fair happened and, naturally, they were all over the place. We couldn’t deny our fascination with the steroidal designs that the company releases these days. But, we were conflicted about something called the Power Miner Series which involved a suspicious amount of non Lego pieces.

That said, we’re finding it difficult to account for all the other Legos. Why, for example, are five of Scotland’s most respected architects competing to design the best Lego structure? Could it have anything to do with the Lego depiction of the New Testament that was recently released online? And, if not, is it connected to Nathan Sawaya’s incredibly disturbing Lego sculptures?

With all these innovations, we’re expecting an electric car made entirely of discarded building bricks any day now. Seriously, though. Has anyone else noticed this bewildering Lego phenomenon? Where did it come from and what does it mean?