What's on at Flavorpill: Links that made the rounds in our office.


Today at Flavorpill, we checked in with our friends from The Fader who are down at SXSW courtesy of their live feed. (It looks warm.) We got schooled by the wisdom nuggets found in Edificial’s Top Five Moments-of-Wisdom Delivered by a Person Playing an Architect (or Wannabe) in an Audio/Visual Format. (But come on Eva, how could you leave off Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day?!) We discovered that we’re a meme. We were FLOORED by Adele’s Photoshop-rendered weight loss — does Nuclear Wintour have no shame!? We cheered as the ACLU went after that high school that canceled Rent because it contains “prostitution and homosexuality.” We weren’t sure what to think about Ellen DeGeneres playing Mother Nature in a new Jenny Bicks-helmed comedy. (Although we also kinda sorta liked Edtv!) We wish we’d gone to this fake Subway art gallery opening. (OK, not really. We used to work near that stop and it’s kind of dank down there.) We watched What’s in the box? We met Kenny West, Kanye’s cartoon alter-ego. And finally, we geeked out over this cute map of TV shows that take/took place in New York. But then we found this USA map of sitcoms that was even cooler. God we love TV.