What Would the Ideal Female Celebrity Look Like?


The New York Post reports that two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons have surveyed more than 1,200 of their current and former patients to come up with a list of “Hollywood’s Hottest Looks.” So what do most women want? Taylor Swift’s hair, Anne Hathaway’s eyes, January Jones’ cheeks, Natalie Portman’s nose, Scarlett Johansson’s lips, Halle Berry’s jaw line, Amy Adams’ skin, and Penelope Cruz’s body. And because this is the New York Post that we’re dealing with, they decided to throw all of those features onto one face; check out what this composite “perfect” woman would look like after the jump.

Hmm… Not exactly what we’d call ideal. Basically, it’s just a post-nose job Anne Hathaway in a Taylor Swift wig.

It’s also worth noting that the male clients polled wanted Jude Law’s nose, Hugh Jackman’s eyes, Jon Hamm’s jaw line, Ashton Kutcher’s lips, George Clooney’s hair, Leonardo DiCaprio’s cheeks, Neil Patrick Harris’ skin, and Mark Wahlberg’s body. Unfortunately for us, the Post didn’t create a Frankenceleb image for that.