In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons: 10 Style Tips from Divine


Before Lady Gaga, there was Divine. Sure, one of these divas was a morbidly obese drag queen born Harris Glenn Milstead who once ate poop on camera, while the other is a tiny, 24-year-old, multi-platinum-selling pop star (who, contrary to once-popular belief, does not have a penis). But Gaga and Divine share one major obsession: totally ridiculous dresses.

This calls for a new installment of Flavorwire’s series “In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons,” which celebrates the true style rebels of our time. We’ve already paid tribute to Divine’s partner is crime, John Waters, and his sister in envelope-pushing plus-size fashion, Roseanne. Now, it’s time to give a shout out to the filthiest fashion icon of all. Follow us after the jump, as we glean ten invaluable style tips from some of Divine’s loudest get-ups.

1. A fishtail silhouette is sure to draw attention away from problem areas — or is it the gun that does that?

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2. A dress should always be a conversation piece. For instance, on the fetching frock above, are those flowers? Suction cups? Black holes?

[Photo by Ron Galella. Image via]

3. If you’re accessorizing with hot, semi-nude young androgynes (including Grace Jones), feel free to keep the outfit simple.

4. When stylists say they’re trying to give your hair “movement,” this is what they’re talking about.

5. If a punk-rock look is what you’re after, go big or go home.

6. A real lady always gets dressed up to go out — even if it’s only to walk the dogs.

7. Fishnet is your friend.

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8. If you want to find a good man, you’re going to have to put in the effort.

9. Ignore what they say, busty ladies. You can go bra-less, as long as you own it.

10. Everyone looks good in animal print.