Interactive Reading: Storigami


Bored of your usual rectangular reading material? Or even just bored at your desk? featherproo f books, one of the most inventive and interesting indie presses around (and the publisher of two of our very favorite books of 2010 – Lindsay Hunter’s Daddy’s and Patrick Somerville’s The Universe in Miniature in Miniature ), and purveyors of several free downloadable “mini-books”, have pioneered a whole new way to read short stories: in origami form. Hence, though we’re sure you’ve already gotten there, storigami. Fair warning: they’re kind of hard. We don’t remember origami being this hard, but maybe our minds were just more pliable when we were children. Or was it the paper that was more pliable? No matter. We suggest starting with The Fox – it’s the easiest, and may wake up some decades-dormant origami muscles. Plus, much like pistachios, stories just taste better if you have to work a little bit to get at them. No one really likes pre-shelled pistachios. If you think you’re up to the challenge, just print out the images, follow the instructions, and then read and let the stories – wait for it – unfold.

Visit the f eatherproo f website for more storigami and to download even more super-free super-good literature!